Thank you for your reply. i'm able to get a better picture now.

I also read that the byte stream which is produced can't be read by the  
modern browsers which is why we have to convert it into json using 
gwt(google web toolkit) or something like that. So automatically json is 
used here. Then what makes protobufs advantageous than json. Is there any 
advantage other than protobufs are structured? what makes google use 
protobufs almost everywhere in their data transmission?

On Wednesday, June 21, 2017 at 9:17:15 AM UTC+5:30, 
> Being a student, I need to know where we really use protobufs in. A 
> clearer picture is required. Also tell me how it can be applied in the 
> client - server communication cases.
> Thank you.

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