For messages generates from syntax="proto2" files, there is a way to access
unrecognized fields (as the stream of encoded bytes) via the
XXX_unrecognized field. But there is no similar way to access unrecognized
fields that happened to be in an extension range.

If I were to add an issue to the github project to remedy this (and maybe
even send a pull request), would it get serious consideration? Or is it
intentional to keep such details completely inaccessible?

*More background:*

I have a library, protoreflect
<>, that supports
runtime-dynamic messages, using descriptors to define the schemas. One
thing I want to be able to do is to re-parse the descriptors using a custom
registry of runtime-defined extensions (for custom options). But I don't
seem to be able to dig these out of an already-parsed descriptor proto.

*The use case*: I am building a dynamic GRPC stub that works by querying
the server for its descriptors (using service reflection). I am providing a
CLI that allows users to pass in JSON that gets parsed into the appropriate
request message, serialized to the binary format, and sent in a GRPC
request. Similar happens for de-serializing the responses and then dumping
the message contents in a human-readable text form.

In order to support custom options, I'd like to be able to efficiently
extract the unrecognized extensions from descriptors and re-parse them
using custom logic, that uses extension field descriptors that were also
downloaded from the same server.

For now, it looks like I need to marshal the options message to bytes, and
then I could unmarshal it into a dynamic message (I already have support
for unmarshalling with a custom registry of extensions). But I was hoping
for something more efficient -- like being able to only do this for the
unrecognized extensions. (I can already do this for other unrecognized
fields thanks to the export XXX_unrecognized field that gets added to
generated proto2 message structs).


*Josh Humphries*

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