I am trying to use the Protobuf 3.0.0 over ZeroMQ in Redhat 6.6 with GCC 
4.7.7, but in some version of my program all it was Ok, in other version it 
was not Ok!

It is very strange what is happen, some times it communicated sementation 
fault and some times it have a very strange behavior.

I had use a enum to indentify the messages like this:

enum message_type {
   start = 0;
   stop = 1;
   shutdown = 2;

message request {
   message_type m_type = 1;

But when I send a message with enum  message_type equal "start", I had 
strange problems. I changed to:

enum message_type {
  none = 0; // workaround
   start = 1;
   stop = 2;
   shutdown = 3;

I had some improve, but sometimes not!

I tested same program without Protobuf and It worked ok!

What could be happening? Does this version of the Protobuf with GCC 4.7.7 
works well?

Thank you!

Oswaldo F. Filho

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