Hi everyone,

I'm trying to produce a specific response format and I'm struggling with 
the protobuf syntax to generate it. Worth mentioning, I'm new to protobuf 
and am struggling a bit with the docs, so it's likely that I missed 

The format I'm trying to produce, in json:

  success: false
  errors: {
    field1: ["error message 1", "error message 2"]
    field2: []

The proto syntax that I came up with looks like this:
message ResponseSubmit {
  bool success = 1
  map<string, ErrorList> errors = 2

message ErrorList {
  repeated string error = 1

Then, using the generated javascript libraries:

const response = new ResponseSubmit();
const errorsMap = response.getErrorsMap();
const valid = true;
const errors ={ field1: [], field2: ['Dummy error message'] };

response.setSuccess(valid); // this works ok

forEachObjIndexed((fieldErrors, fieldName) => {
  errorsMap.set(fieldName, fieldErrors); // this blows up 

Adding a field to the map via the set method crashes with a TypeError: 
b.toArray is not a function.

Can anyone lend a hand and point me to what I'm doing wrong here?

Thank you!


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