I had a debate with my colleagues regarding to upgrade protobuf v3 because 
I'd like to use MessageToJsonString and JsonStringToMessage for GUI 
development of web application and mobile app, but my colleagues are not 
convinced, they argued GO can do it very easily and they are worrying about 
to break the systems down as our protobuf v2 codes are used crossing many 
systems. I always think it is logical to use the latest version of the 
software which should fix bugs and add more features, in addition to that, 
I don't like v2 required field and many of our codes have problems when the 
process returns an error message before reaching the destination, the error 
message was not able to fill in all required fields caused libprotobufbuf 
broken the system daemon, I have recently changed many required fields to 
optional, I thought protobuf v3 should be more stable than the v2, but I am 
also new to protobuf v3, appreciate your comments.

Thank you.

Kind regards,


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