Hi All,

I am running on an embedded system with limited resources (around 32mb ram 
I have a protocol buffer that I serialized into a file: protocolbuffer.data 
(The protobuf message is size is 25mb)

I am using the python protobuf implementation.
I can successfully f.open() and f.read() the file into a temporary buffer.

However I fail to parse the buffer using ProtoBuf ParseFromString() due to 
insufficient memory.

The code is roughly something like this:
filebuffer = f.read()
message = MyProtoBuffer()

# Also not calling: message.ParseFromString(f.read()) does not solve the 

I assume that ParseFromString() is making a copy of the data into it's 
Is there any to overcome this issue?
Perhaps a method where protobuf would overlay it's structure directly onto 
the file buffer.

Ben S.

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