I have a question regarding "*Protocol buffer generated java class*". 
Is there is any way to customise it, so that I do not have to copy member 
by member for conversion from java object to protobuf object and vice-versa.

*For Instance:*

I have java class:

class Dummy{
 int id;

I have protocol buffer (.*proto*) file:

message Dummy{
required int id = 1;

Now, for converting the java object to the proto buf or vice versa ,I have 
to assign member by member to objects [java/protobuf].

In the above case for converting the java object [javaObj] to protobuf 
object [protoObj] :

 Dummy protoObj = null;
 Builder builder = ProtoDummy.Dummy.newBuilder();
 protoObj = builder.build();

Similarly, for coverting from protobuf to java object, I have to perform 
member by member copy.

Is there is a way to directly assign the object or faster way than the one 
I am using.

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