We using protobuf v.3 to transfer messages from C# client to Java server 
over HTTP.

The message proto looks like this:

    message CLIENT_MESSAGE {
    string message = 1;

Both client and server uses UTF-8 character encoding for strings.

Everything is fine whe we are using short string values like "abc", but 
when we trying to transfer string with 198 chars in it, we catchig an 

    While parsing a protocol message, the input ended unexpectedly in the 
middle of a field. This could mean either that the input has been truncated 
or that an embedded message misreported its own length.

We tried to compare even byte array containing protobuf data, and didn't 
found a solution.
For "aaa" string byte array starts with this bytes:

    10 3 97 97 97

Where 10 is protobuf field number, and 3 is string length, 69 65 67 is 

For string 


which contains 198 characters in it, byte array starts with this:

    10 198 1 97 97 97....

Where 10 is protobuf field number, and 198 is string length, and 1 seems to 
be like string identifier, or what?

And why protobuf cannot parse this message?

Already spent almost a day on looking for solution for this problem, any 
help appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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