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> Ken,
> When you added Openssl support to proton was there a specific reason
> you
> detected it "by hand" rather than using cmake FindPackage? Also
> HAVE_OPENSSL_H isn't used anywhere.

The only reason would be "cmake ignorance" :)   

> I attach attach a patch to neaten this up in case this wasn't
> deliberate
> - I'll commit it Weds unless you want to do it first (or ignore it if
> this was deliberate).

Not deliberate - +1 the patch, thanks!


> Rafi,
> I'm not sure I like the idea of having pn_config.h file entirely for
> the
> purpose of holding the proton version number. I suggest that instead
> this gets moved into proton/version.h. So that any application that
> needs the proton version can get it in an obvious place - there seems
> no
> other reason for pn_config.h so it could be removed.
> Thoughts, plaudits, criticisms...
> Andrew

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