I used cmake to create Visual Studio 10 projects files and solution workspace. 
Then I modified the project files to add what I needed.
I hadn't used cmake before this project. So I'm not an expert. 

I'll be happy to have your help with creating good support for building proton  
from cmake. 

The python support definitely needs to be fixed. And I would be happy to have 
that part  working properly. I've been creating the header files (encodings.h 
and protocol.h)  and setting up the python  to run the tests outside of the 
project files. I'll look at your changes as soon as I can.  

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Subject: review request: patch to cmake for windows builds

Hi Cliff/Mary,

I'm trying to add support for building proton using Microsoft Visual C++ 
express.  This patch updates cmake to enable generation of the VC++ project 
files for proton.  Can you review and try it out - let me know what you think?

Note that the patch only adds build support - the problems with building proton 
on windows are not addressed. 

The diff can be viewed here:


And the changes are on the win7 branch of my github proton repo:



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