With regard to the python uuid issue, this was handled in qpid (see qpid/python/build/lib/qpid/ Perhaps proton needs to use a similar approach.


On 11/29/2012 11:13 AM, Phil Harvey wrote:
I'm having problems building and running proton-c on my machine.  I'm
hitting two problems so far:

- I get an "Unable to find 'php.swg' " error.  A web search suggests that
this relates to the version of swig I have installed (it's v1.3.29).  My
current workaround is to comment out the php Swig stuff in the make file.

- When I try to run the Python tests, Python errors with the message "No
module named uuid".  Again, I believe this is a versioning problem.  I'm
running Python 2.4, and I believe the uuid module was included in later
versions of Python.

Unfortunately my rights to upgrade the packages on my machine are quite

I'm interested to know if others have seen this problem and whether they
believe any changes need to be made to the make files, or is my environment
simply too old to be supported by Proton?

Also, although dependencies such as Python and Swig are mentioned in
proton-c/README, the required *versions* of them are not.  Is this stuff
written down anywhere? If not, does anyone know what the required versions
of the dependencies actually are?


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