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> Hi.
> I'm interested in testing Proton against the RabbitMQ AMQP 1.0 adapter.
> But I'm struggling with the APIs I need to use to write even a simple
> program. I'm using the Java version but from what I can see the C version
> has the same APIs.
> If I try to use the Messenger API then I don't see how I can specify a
> source or target on any of my links - and indeed the examples I can see
> showing use of the Messenger API don't do that. Indeed I don't seem to be
> able to specify very much, but the lack of source / target means I can't
> specify where I publish to or consume from.
> And if I run the examples and don't specify source / target I seem to end
> up sending attach frames with these bits missing - which the spec says
> means I will never send or receive messages!
> I tried using the lower level API (Driver / Connector / Connection /
> Session / Link / Message etc) but gave up when I got to 100 lines of code
> and hadn't sent a message - I assume I'm not supposed to use them directly?
> So what am I missing here? I assume there's some part of the API I don't
> understand...

I'm guessing you need to set an address on the message. Messenger doesn't
expose direct control over connections or links. It will figure out what
connections/links to establish based on what address you specify on the
message (kind of like SMTP). You could use something like

If you post your messenger code snippet I'd be happy to comment in more


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