Hello and welcome,

I had a little trouble tracking down the slide you're referring to. It
sounds like it could possibly be a bit dated given the title. Perhaps you
could describe your intended usage a little bit? In particular I'd be
interested in what you found lacking in the Messenger API, and how you
envision using the engine. You should probably also be aware that the qpid
cpp broker embeds the C protocol engine, Active MQ embeds the Java protocol
engine, and the qpid java broker speaks AMQP 1.0 as well, so there are
probably quite a few options for you to move over to using AMQP 1.0.

We're currently working on adding to our set of documentation. Right now
what coverage we have focuses more on messenger than on the engine, but I'd
be happy to take some time to fill in any missing areas of engine
documentation or simply help out with answers on the list. Coincidentally I
put together a brief intro this weekend on a few of the key concepts behind
proton. You might find it helpful at a conceptual level, and if the engine
sounds like what you're looking for I can help fill in the details:


In either case as I mentioned above, it would be quite helpful to know more
details about your intended usage scenarios in order to recommend the best


On Sun, Feb 10, 2013 at 2:37 PM, Garrett Menghini <gmengh...@g.hmc.edu>wrote:

> Hello,
> I am a team member working on a project that involves the use of AMQP. We
> began our project using 0.10, and after speaking with an industry employee
> who has much more familiarity with AMQP than our team members, it was
> suggested that we merge to 1.0.
> We are currently running Apache Qpid 0.10, and are considering changing to
> Qpid Proton 1.0. In performing initial research, it appears that our two
> options for harnessing the power of Qpid Proton are the Messenger API, and
> the AMQP protocol engine. We feel the Messaging API is a bit too simplistic
> for our needs, as the company we are working for has asked us to develop a
> prototype, which requires us to be able to peer deeply into the underlying
> AMQP structure. We feel AMQP protocol engine has potential, but have thus
> far been unable to find documentation regarding its use and features.
> Our primary concern is the lack of flexibility and the unavailability of
> documentation. A PowerPoint presentation found by our team, title "An
> Introduction to the AMQP 1-0 Draft", contained a figure on slide 10. We
> have been unable to find any information on how the team would configure
> this setup, especially in the event that there is more than one broker
> between the producer and consumer. The youtube video titled "Introduction
> to Apache Qpid Proton" also provided us with a cursory program outline to
> send and receive messages, but more thorough documentation will be
> necessary to drive this product forward.
> If there is additional documentation for using the more advanced features
> of Qpid Proton, we would appreciate direction to said documentation. We are
> still relatively new to AMQP, and any advice you are willing to provide is
> much appreciated.
> Thank you,
> Garrett Menghini
> Harvey Mudd College 2013

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