Hi Rajith

> I was wondering what is the mechanism recommended for obtaining a
> MessengerFactory instance (other than directly instantiating it).

Take a look at ProtonFactoryLoader and the factories themselves:
EngineFactory, MessengerFactory, MessageFactory etc.
ProtonFactoryLoader is ServiceLoader based. It relies on configuration
files within the META-INF/services directory of each implementation

> IIRC people are planning to use the pure java and swig based impl side
> by side especially for testing.

Yes, that's the plan as I understand it. The system tests will have
the ability to test two proton-j stacks together, two proton-jni
stacks, or proton-j vs proton-jni (to test the different
implementations together).  This is something Phil and myself are
currently working on.  ProtonFactoryLoader will need to change so that
the test can specify the 'type' implementation to be created.


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