This is my first attempt to submit a proton patch for a review. I do not have 
commit rights. Below is the outline of what I did, resulting in an error. Is 
this a legitimate error or something else is incorrect/not-configured?

This is what I did:

Created .reviewboardrc:
  $ cat .reviewboardrc

Configured git:
  $ git config reviewboard.url

Got source, made changes, created a patch:
  $ git clone git:// proton
    ... made changes
  $ git diff > proton.patch

Attempted to post a patch:
  $ post-review --diff-filename=proton.patch

Above resulted in this:
==> HTTP Authentication Required
Enter authorization information for "Web API" at
Username: iboverma

There was an error creating this review request.

The repository path "git://" is not in the
list of known repositories on the server.

Ask the administrator to add this repository to the Review Board server.
For information on adding repositories, please read

Regards, Irina.

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