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> I've been working with the proton-j engine recently and want to clarify the
> threading model.
> The Proton web site [1] says Proton "is architected to be usable with any
> threading model as well as with non threaded applications".
> Turning to the implementation, I've heard that the proton-j engine is
> intended to be used by one thread at once.  This sounds reasonable, but I
> want to clarify what "one thread at once" really means in this context.

What this really means is that a bound transport/connection pair form a
single data structure and if you want to access it concurrently from
multiple threads you need to protect it with your own mutex.

> I believe we should say something like this in the proton-j documentation:
> "Proton engine classes are not synchronized.  If multiple threads access a
> Proton engine object concurrently, external synchronization must be used."

That sounds reasonable to me. You mind also want additional language
defining a single engine instance as a bound transport/connection pair.

Ditto for the Message package.
> Any improvements, objections etc?
> Out of interest, what is the threading model of Messenger?  And how about
> proton-c?

It's the same for proton-c and for Messenger.


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