There is a lot of really exciting development being done on Proton at the
moment.  However, I often wish that I had better visibility of ongoing
work, so that I could better complement the work others are doing.

Currently, the ways I find out about this work are:

- Jira updates
- The mailing list

There are two problems with this: (1) I only get a partial view of what's
going on, and (2) stuff usually gets put on Jira and the mailing list too
late, i.e. when it's already in progress or is actually finished.

Also, we do have a roadmap on the wiki [1], but I don't think this is used
by many people at the moment.

Maybe my desire for more visibility and coordination could be viewed as
rather "command and control", and therefore not in the spirit of open
source.  I'd be interested to hear what others think about this.

For the record, what I think we should introduce is:

1. A regular round-up email that gets sent to the list.  Someone would be
responsible for collating brief emails from developers describing what
they're planning to work on, and would condense this into something useful
to the general Proton community.  I would be happy to perform this role.
This round-up would necessarily be descriptive, not prescriptive.

2. We would commit to keeping the roadmap more up to date so that it
becomes a useful resource for people wishing to work in a complementary way.

I believe that most of the above points could apply to the Qpid project as
a whole.  But, to avoid trying to boil the ocean, I thought it would be
worth testing these ideas in the narrower Proton domain first.



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