I would like to know the correct way to access AMQP message properties through 
Proton-C. If this the not the right mailing list  for Proton-C usage queries, I 
apologize and please direct me to the mailing list.

The scenario I have is an interop scenario where I send messages to a  Windows 
Azure Service Bus queue using  the Service Bus .NET API,  and I receive from 
the queue using the Linux version of the Proton-C client ( Release 0.4 )
While sending messages I set some properties on AMQP message, and I want to get 
those properties from the Proton-C receiver. The properties are simple key 
value pairs where the Key is a string and the Value is an  Int.
I would like to know how do I go about getting the properties from the received 

Here's what I am currently doing.  But the mapsize is always 0.

              pn_messenger_get(messenger, message);
              pn_data_t *properties = pn_message_properties(message);
              size_t mapsize = pn_data_get_map(properties);

              int x=0;
              for(x =0; x< mapsize/2; x++ )
                  printf("Property: %d\n",pn_data_get_int(properties));

If I enable frame level tracing in Proton-c by setting the PN_TRACE_FRM 
environment variable I do see that the AMQP properties are making it over the 

<- TRANSFER @20 [0, 0, b"\xe1\x11\xe7\x07$F\xb7E\xa55\xb1\x1b\x0f\xaf[\xdd", 0, 
null, false, null, null, null, null, true] (252) 

Can someone point me to the correct way to get to the AMQP message properties 
or point me to a sample that does this.


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