Hello everybody,

I've been following this list for quite a while but so far had no reason
to take part in discussions.

However, these days I'm porting some C++ code that is using Proton-C to
talk to peers to Java. The C++ code uses pn_data_put_* functions from
codec module to compose the body of the message and pn_data_get_*
counterparts to decompose it at the other end.

In Java, the Proton-Api's Data interface (org.apache.qpid.proton.codec)
seems to provide the same functionality. But as far as I could see no
class is actually implementing the interface, and the
DataFactoryImpl.createData(long) is only throwing the exception which
indicates that this operation is not supported. I've seen this in both
0.4 package and on the Git's trunk.

Is this a part of functionality that is merely not implemented yet, or
something that is not planned to get implemented at all? In either case,
what would be the alternate methods to put together the message body in
a way that could be understood by C++ code? And vice versa?

The use of Java bindings to Proton-C is not the preferred way to go.

Thanks and best regards,


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