I've created a skeleton Java implementation of the Proton logging design
and attached it as a patch to

I think the next steps are:
- Gather comments from folks about the design.
- Sketch out the corresponding proton-c and proton-jni code.  I'd
appreciate assistance from someone with more proton-c familiarity for this.

Please let me know your thoughts.


On 5 June 2013 15:27, Phil Harvey <p...@philharveyonline.com> wrote:

> An interesting discussion about logging has emerged from the mailing
> thread "AMQP 1.0 JMS client - supplementary coding standards".  I'm
> starting a new thread for this specific topic and am including the proton
> list.
> To recap, Rob, Rajith, Rafi and Gordon have expressed a desire for Proton
> and the new JMS client to use a custom logging facade, rather than directly
> calling log4j, slf4j etc.  The Proton logging facade would work
> consistently across proton-c and proton-j.
> I think the case for adopting this approach is overwhelming, but am
> interested in views on the best implementation.
> *=== Proton ===*
> *
> *
> I added a diagram to the wiki illustrating how this might work for
> proton-j.  It's not finished, but I thought it useful to share it early to
> stimulate discussion.  Hopefully the implied proton-c equivalent is fairly
> obvious.
> https://cwiki.apache.org/confluence/display/qpid/Proton+Logging
> I'm not sure what would go into ProtonOperationalLogger at the moment
> (Rob/Rafi may know), but want to leave the door open to separating
> Proton-specific methods from general purpose log(Level, String) kind of
> stuff.  It does at least give us a place to define the behaviour of the
> "public logging API" that Rob referred to, and which would behave the same
> as its proton-c counterpart.
> To me, the Logger interface in the diagram looks very similar to the Qpid
> Java Broker's RootMessageLogger.  Proton *may* use it directly for debug
> logging.
> *=== JMS Client ===*
> *
> *
> Turning to the JMS client, my initial preference would be to create
> interfaces JmsOperationalLogger and JmsLogger corresponding to the Proton
> ones.  The JMS Client would pass to Proton a ProtonLogger implementation
> that simply wraps its JmsLogger.
> Alternatively we could create a Logger interface in a central sub-project
> and use it in both Proton and the JMS Client, but I suspect that will
> involve more re-jigging of our project structure than we currently have
> appetite for.
> Comments/criticisms etc welcomed.  I'm especially interested in whether
> there are proton-c-specific factors that would significantly affect our
> implementation.
> Phil

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