I'm starting with PHP Proton module and ActiveMQ server. I enabled the
priority policies in the server, and I receive the higher priority messages
first well. To this point ok.

I have a cluster of 6 machines with 3 workers each machine for transcoding
video, and by now we were using a custom messaging-queue server witch
supported priority discrimination, this is, if you send a message with low
priority, in each machine there is 2 workers that can grab the message, and
1 worker that only grabs high-priority messages, and not receive low
priority messages.

I've review all the API Documentation but I dont know how to subscribe with
a "worker priority" mode or similar.

How can I implement it with AMQP 1.0 and Proton?

Maybe its a broker decision but, how can I let the broker know what is the
priority that each worker has?

Thanks in advance.

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