OK, so now I understand that we are using the standard errno philosophy in 

  errno always contains the most recent error from anywhere within messenger 
  ( and is iniialized to 0 on creation of messenger struct. )

But another part of this philosophy is:

  No system call (in our case, translate that to 'Messenger API call' or maybe 
'Messenger function') ever sets
errno to zero.

Yet, I am seeing it get set to zero, sometimes.  ( The only fn I have actually 
doing this so far is  pn_output_write_amqp(), but there may be others )

Is there a reason why we depart from the standard errno philosophy here?
Or is it just an oversight?

If it's an oversight, I'd like to put something like 


as the first line in pn_error_set().

If it's not an oversight, I'd like to know the reasoning so I can document it.

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