I'm trying to solve a problem for HA on the Qpid C++ broker. I need to figure 
out, for a given connection, will an attempt to open another channel at the 
other end exceed the channel-max for this connection?

To do that I figure I need to know the number of currently open channels (easy) 
and the negotiated channel-max for the connection. How can I find that?

Based on a novice reading of transport.c, it looks like the channel-max field 
of the open performative is ignored. Am I reading this wrong? If not, what is 
proton assuming - that it can always open 64k channels on any connection? This 
would violate the limit imposed by the Qpid C++ broker and client of 32k 
channels (I don't know why they impose that limit but they do.)

Any pointers much appreciated!

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