I'm working on a feature for Dispatch Router that will allow it to intermediate between clients and brokers. This raises a question about how Proton Messenger handles targets and sources in links.

Consider a subscriber using Messenger:

    from proton import Messenger
    M = Messenger()
    sub = M.subscribe("amqp://")

The resulting incoming link (from Messenger's perspective) has a source of "name" and a target of "name".

The above code can have two meanings: "I am a service called 'name' and I wish to begin receiving messages" or "I wish to receive messages from a node called 'name'".

As I understand it, the first meaning should be indicated by setting the target and the second meaning by setting the source. Since both source and target are set, the intent of the node is ambiguous.

From an API perspective, how should a Messenger program indicate which flavor of subscription it is establishing?


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