On 14. 03. 14 21:25, Rafael Schloming wrote:
Hi Everyone,

There's been a bunch of key improvements/fixes since Proton 0.6, so it's
probably about time for a new release. I've just posted the first RC in the
usual places. Please check it out and give a shout if you run into any

Source artifacts:


Java binaries:



Building on VS2013 uncovered a typo and while there I fixed a warning that apparently wasn't there before.


25a5701 Do not redefine va_copy if not needed (for example, VS2013)
3ec1c14 remove extraenous return

There is also a third commit

88176dc Do not assume there is just one element in CMAKE_MODULE_PATH

The last one is not strictly a fix of a bug, but allows adding proton with add_subdirectory to the outer project


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