On 22/04/14 08:26, Fraser Adams wrote:
> I'm sure others with more detailed knowledge of the background would be
> able to give a better answer, but in short I think the thing that you
> need to bear in mind is that proton Messenger is a *Message* oriented
> API as opposed to a *Connection* oriented API, so for example compare
> the approach taken with Messenger with say the qpid::messaging API and
> JMS which are both Connection oriented APIs (where you specify
> Connection, Session etc.).
> Messenger is supposed to abstract the (client) user from needing to care
> about such things, so you specify the address that you want to send a
> Message to in the Message and let Messenger take care of the Connection
> and Session stuff.

The benefit of having Messenger quietly handle the connection, session
etc. certainly makes sense once the client is up-and-running, as it nicely
allows for automatically re-establishing links and re-authenticating as
appropriate. However, being able to do a simple initialization check at
application startup would be equally beneficial - "are any of my possible
endpoints available?" and "do I have valid authentication credentials that
would allow me to connect?" would be fail-fast scenarios that we would be
keen to support. This need not necessarily be available via an explicit
pn_messenger_connect api call, but could be a use case provided by some
other means.


Dominic Evans
WebSphere MQ - Development
IBM Software Group, Hursley Park, UK

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