I am struggling to get Proton 0.7 to send any messages to a Qpid 0.26 broker. I 
have been able to send and receive message using the Qpid Messaging API for 
AMQP 1.0 but would rather use Proton if I can. I'm sure I'm "just" missing 
something but I haven't found it yet. Here is my code:

Messenger messenger = Proton.messenger( "proton" );
try {

      Message message = Proton.message();
      message.setAddress( "amqp://testuser@qpid/pocqueue" );
      message.setBody( new AmqpValue( "test message" ) );

      messenger.put( message );
catch( Throwable throwable ) {
      throwable.printStackTrace( System.err );
finally {

Any suggestions?

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