commit ccb7b03b8089c2fea329d44cea5dc06da6345ea6
Author: Robert Gemmell <>
Date:   Fri Jun 27 10:08:24 2014 +0000

    PROTON-597: only release transport buffers if they are above a threshold 

It makes Proton pretty much useless...

this code makes proton create a new buffer (a big buffer actually) every new 
message written.. even minor messages.
The previous version before this would always use the same buffer, recycling 
it... (making copies between my buffer and Proton), and then reseting the 
buffer ready for the next usage.

with this new change in place, a benchmark that I was already struggling to 
improve would make 2500 very small messages / second. With the new change you 
get it to 333 small messages / second...

If you want to diminish the weight of each connection, then you need a proper 
refactoring to Proton where you write to output buffers rather than internal 
buffers. Proton needs this buffer as it is now unless you do a proper 

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