I am working on one chat application and have some architectural queries
stoping me to proceed. Technology using is [Kaazing JMS & erlang].

How should i tell my application about active users with out using any DB.

Suppose i have 5 users on chat application [a,b,c,d,e], if "a" wants to send
a message to "b" only and "b" wants to send reply to "a" only how can i
achieve that[i assume i need to have 2 queues for that] one for sending and
one for consuming. Please suggest.

If i have multiple users on UI and "a" wants to chat with "b" how will my
server know that message coming in queue is dedicated to "b" only, even it
has one dedicated queue it is listening to. So, do i need to send some
parameter all the time with messages which will tell the server to redirect
the right consumer to that.

Whats the exact use if JMSReplyTo,although i am able to send the response to
reply_to queue from server. I mean the cases where we should prefer to use

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