clebert suconic created PROTON-645:

             Summary: Implement session flow control independently of 
                 Key: PROTON-645
             Project: Qpid Proton
          Issue Type: Improvement
          Components: proton-j
            Reporter: clebert suconic

When integrating with any asynchronous IO we are obligated to implement flow 
control based on the capacity of the Transport.

Things get especially harder because when you pop bytes in a asynchronous 
method for after completion:

e.g. on Netty:

      channel.writeAndFlush(bytes).addListener(new ChannelFutureListener()
         public void operationComplete(ChannelFuture future) throws Exception
            /// perform process, and dispatch!
            if (transport.capacity() > 0)

this makes things specially harder as we are eventually losing events or bytes. 
We could make things work with some hacks (like having recursive loops on the 
methods for writing and reading)...    

Making Proton-J to work with asynchronous pop is definitely a black art. 
Instead of working around with recursive workarounds we should provide an 
easier path. such as plugging SessionFlowController where we could activate / 
deactivate producers on a server, or use Semaphores on a client where a client 
could block until things are properly released.

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