On 08/20/2014 09:48 PM, Michael Goulish wrote:

I have a couple example Proton C clients, written against
the Engine and Driver interfaces, that I have tried to make
as Simple As Possible.

What I would like is to receive some Suggestions, Pointers,
Hints, Ideas, Notions, Concepts, Schemes, or Hypotheses as to
how to make it better.

Using the support for 'events' would I think make it simpler. There are different ways to measure 'better' of course.

On my laptop  (Thinkpad T530) I'm getting about 90,000 messages
per second, on a test of 5 million messages, but I'm not sure
that number is valid yet because the receiver is growing its
memory footprint rapidly.

That sounds like perhaps you aren't settling the messages. I believe pn_delivery_updated() is true when the remote peer updates the state. In this case the receiver is updating the state itself and so should just call pn_delivery_settle() after that.

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