I'm getting a connection error when using the javascript bindings example 
recv.js to receive a message through a qpid c++ broker.

I have a qpid c++ broker running on a remote host with a queue named "eaq". I'm 
attempting to start up the javascript example recv.js using the remote 
address/queue, but I'm getting a connection error: 

[eallen@redhat javascript]$ node recv.js amqp://my.remote.host.com/eaq
that._checkErrors = true
error = 3,111,ECONNREFUSED: Connection refused
{ [MessengerError: ECONNREFUSED: Connection refused]
  name: 'MessengerError',
  message: 'ECONNREFUSED: Connection refused' }

I've tried variations on the address string (without the amqp://, with the ip 
address, with a ~) but to no avail.

- The proton c examples recv and send work just fine with my broker running on 
the remote host and queue. I also tried the python and ruby bindings and they 

- Also, the javascript bindings programs recv.js and send.js work fine together 
when going through amqp://

- When I start recv.js (using the default amqp://, and send a message 
using either the c "send" example or one of the other language bindings "send" 
example programs, I get an error:
[eallen@redhat py]$ ./send.py "Hello"
[0xb1d650]:ERROR[-2] SASL header mismatch: ''

CONNECTION ERROR connection aborted (remote)

- I'm also getting the same connection refused error when running the 
qpid-config.js example against a broker.

Could this be a problem with my build or environment? Or is this a bug?



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