On 05/09/14 02:33, Miguel da Rocha Correia Lima wrote:
Hi Proton Subscribers,

We are using proton qpid for some AMQP software architecture proof of concept. The objective is use proton as our standard AMQP message client to router, gateway and interface with user domain
applications and AMQP brokers like qpid, rabitmq, zeromq, etc.

    While we worked with proton, we found bugs and we fixed they.

    How can we share they with you?

    Can we send a patch?


Hi Miguel,
The best approach is generally to raise a Jira. In an ideal world explaining the issue, preferably with a reproducer and ideally a patch. TBH plenty of people just raise Jiras giving the symptoms that they've seen, you sound like you've gone a lot further, which is great.

For Proton the Jira link is:

For Qpid (The Brokers, JMS, C++ messaging client etc.) the Jira link is:

TBH I personally always suggest opening up a conversation on the main qpid mailing list whether it's more general qpid or more specifically proton as there might be cross pollination of issues (proton is a sub-project of qpid and the qpid AMQP 1.0 support is via proton).


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