Hi all,

With Qpid 0.30 we have made the move to requiring Java 7+. Currently,
proton still allows for use of Java 6, so I wonder what peoples thoughts
are on the timing of a similar move for Proton? I'd personally like to do
it soon since Java 6 is EOL, but if not then I think we should at least
decide when we will.


I committed a patch yesterday which contained some Java 7 API usage in its
tests, and subsequently broke the ASF Jenkins jobs that are still using
Java 6 (I'm using 8). Having now noticed this I updated the test to make it
compile and run on Java 6, unfortunately having to disable use of some of
the input aimed at testing the defect in question. Everything now compiles
and the test in question passes, but the overall test run is still failing
because it turns out some other new changes in recent days mean there are
now a couple of URL tests which fail on Java 6 (but work on Java 8).

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