qpid JMS clients currently expect to send anonymous connection in the following 

- if the first frame has the SASL byte 3 (I'm not reading the spec now.. I'm 
not sure the correct term), the server is supposed to initialize SASL on the 
connection, transport... etc
In other terms, if the following frame arrives, we need to create SASL with the 
proper capabilities:

414D5150  -->03<--    010000  

* just as a reference for general audience, 414D5150 == AMQP in ascii terms

- if that byte is 0, then the JMS client is expecting to have the server's 
session being anonymous.

414D5150 -->00<-- 010000

With that I have two questions:

- What is the SASL Anonymous for then if clients are expected to dictate if 
they will use SASL or not? I was expecting it being a server's directive.. to 
either use SASL or not?

- If you need that capability for sure.. there's currently no way to use Proton 
to determine if we need SASL or not. The only way I could find was to inspect 
the first byte 4 (starting at 0) on the protocol and initialize SASL.
  Couldn't (or Shouldn't?) we have an event such as SASL_INIT from Proton and 
then we make the proper determination?

Maybe I missed the proper API if there's a way around this already!

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