[ X ] Yes, release Proton 0.8 RC4 as 0.8 final.

Tested Proton-J with ActiveMQ and the new JMS client and found no issues,

On 10/23/2014 12:21 PM, Rafael Schloming wrote:
Hi Everyone,

I've put together RC4. This is pretty much the same as RC3 with a number of
fixes to disable those SSL versions that are vulnerable to attack.

The sources are available here:

   - http://people.apache.org/~rhs/qpid-proton-0.8rc4/

Java binaries are here:

   - https://repository.apache.org/content/repositories/orgapacheqpid-1020/

Changes since RC3:

   - PROTON-724: make sure to pop any pending output in
   - PROTON-720: [Windows IO] fix format specifier to print string
   - added dispatch utility
   - fixed error message
   - fixed Collector.put
   - PROTON-719 : prevent ssl3 connections in Windows with schannel
   - PROTON-717: disable SSLv3
   - PROTON-717: mitigate the CRIME SSL vulnerability
   - PROTON-716: reject connections using SSLv3 - it is insecure

Please check the sources out and register your vote:

   [   ] Yes, release Proton 0.8 RC4 as 0.8 final.
   [   ] No, because...


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