On Mon, Oct 27, 2014 at 12:12 PM, Dominic Evans <dominic.ev...@uk.ibm.com>

> When using messenger in non-blocking mode, it is possible to ensure that
> the
> empty frame heartbeats are sent by calling pn_messenger_work(timeout) on a
> regular interval (when no other send / recv operations are happening).
> However, when using messenger in blocking mode it is not obvious how one
> should achieve this without optional timeout arguments on all the calls?
> For example, both pn_messenger_send and pn_messenger_recv accept limits of
> the number of messages to send and receive during the block, but no option
> for a timeout on these.

You can set the timeout that any blocking calls use with
pn_messenger_get/set_timeout, however there is no need to do this in order
to ensure that heartbeat frames are sent. That should happen even when
messenger is blocked in pn_messenger_send or pn_messenger_recv.


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