Oh, I don't think this is a "me too" thing.

I have actually met some of these guys, and I 
can assure you that they do not, in any other way,
seem very susceptible to fashion trends.

Git has a bit of a wackiness issue if you ask me,
but the distributed nature of git seems to better 
fit the distributed nature of open source projects.

I think that's why it has spread so quickly in the 
open source communities, and probably should do 
likewise here.

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[NO] I don't like me too effect, must everyone use git
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Michael Goulish <mgoul...@redhat.com> wrote:

>[ X ] Yes, migrate the proton repo over to git.
>[   ] No, keep it in svn.
>[   ] see if we can find a working copy of SCCS.

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