Rafael H. Schloming reopened PROTON-736:

The semantics described in the commit are going to result in interop issues 
with lots of other clients.

Choosing whether to encode as string(utf8) vs binary based on the values passed 
in is fundamentally broken. To understand why, imagine if I write a ruby client 
that reads a bunch of binary files from a directory and sends them in the body 
of a message to a Java client. Now let's say all of these files contain binary 
data, say some sort of gzipped thing. Now let's further say that some of these 
files coincidentally happen to contain bytes that are only in the range 0-127. 
The semantics you have described will result in some of these files getting 
sent as text messages and some of these files getting sent as data. This will 
come out as different message types to a Java client, or if the values appear 
in a map or list, they will be deseriaized as Strings rather than byte[].

Basically, the upshot is by choosing based on the content of the string, every 
other AMQP client will need to check and deal with the possibility of both 
string and binary values wherever they expect a binary value, and since nobody 
expects to have to do this (and indeed even if they did it is incredibly 
cumbersome to have to do so), you will get lots of really terrible interop bugs.

> ruby: unable to send binary data?
> ---------------------------------
>                 Key: PROTON-736
>                 URL: https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/PROTON-736
>             Project: Qpid Proton
>          Issue Type: Bug
>          Components: ruby-binding
>    Affects Versions: 0.8
>            Reporter: Dominic Evans
>            Assignee: Darryl L. Pierce
>             Fix For: 0.9
>         Attachments: 
> 0001-PROTON-736-Ruby-Message-does-not-return-all-content.patch, 
> 0002-PROTON-736-Only-encode-Ruby-strings-as-UTF-8-if-it-s.patch
> As discussed on irc with [~mcpierce]
> I've not been able to determine how I can correctly send binary data using 
> the ruby gem.
> From proton-c I can do this by (e.g.,)
> {{
> char* msgdata = Buffer::Data(buffer);
> size_t msglen = Buffer::Length(buffer);
> pn_message_set_format(msg->message, PN_DATA);
> pn_message_load_data(msg->message, msgdata, msglen);
> }}
> and I assumed I might be able to do similar from Ruby by (e.g.,)
> {{
> data = File.binread(filename)
> msg.format = Qpid::Proton::MessageFormat::DATA
> msg.content = data
> }}
> But Ruby is reading the data into a string and the SWIG binding is still 
> expecting a byte* array here.
> After our discussions on IRC I also investigated doing:
> {{
> filedata = File.binread(filename)
> data = Qpid::Proton::Data.new
> data.binary = filedata
> msg.body = data
> }}
> but didn't have any luck with this approach either.

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