On Thu, Dec 11, 2014 at 04:16:29PM -0500, Clebert Suconic wrote:
> Rebasing and pushing is not a good option IMO. We have been using pull 
> requests from GitHub and pushing them through Apache. It's working very well 
> for us. 
> Committing directly to Apachea may get you these issues. 
> We can provide you guys more information on how we are doing on activemq6 if 
> you are interested. 

So if we don't want to go back and fix history (which is fine) can we
take steps to avoid pushing merge commits in future? It's just an ugly
and confusing situation to get into with them.

For anybody who's not familiar with a good git workflow:

1. create a task branch : git checkout -b my-working-branch
2. create that voodoo that you do
3. when done, rebase your task branch on master : git rebase -i master
4. checkout master and merge : git checkout master; git merge my-working-branch
5. make sure master is up to date : git pull --rebase
6. push your changes
7. profit!

This way we don't have those ugly diamonds in the gitg graph and issues
like this in future.

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