On Fri, 2014-12-12 at 14:37 -0500, Rafael Schloming wrote:
> ...
> > On the other hand I agree that merging from master just before merging
> > to master is irritating and pointless.
> So what was the right thing to do here? I have to admit I struggled a bit
> with the git portion of getting the whole thing landed. The changes were
> (mostly) isolated to a subdirectory, yet whatever git incantations I seemed
> to come up with forced me to painstakingly hand merge lots of conflicts
> over and over again. What I ended up doing was mostly stumbled into in an
> attempt to avoid all that grunge.

It's difficult to say, however I'm surprised that merging from master
saved you from the same manual merges you needed to do going the other

Perhaps the history was complex and confused git - I think that merging
from branches with complex structures might need a non default merge
strategy "man git-merge" has some details.


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