Most of the Jenkins nodes have been replaced since the job was
originally set up. I believe only 'ubuntu3' is left from the older
stock that existed at that time. It is available in its own label
which I have just restricted the job to use for now. That makes us
have the only build job doing that, and will mean it takes longer to
get scheduled and will stop running entirely when ubuntu3 goes away.

As for as I know all the 'ubuntu-x' and 'Hx' nodes (a couple of which
are in the main ubuntu label:, plus the on-demand nodes at
Rackspace, are all newer builds and it seems dont have some required
packages. We need to figure out what all packages are needed and ask
for them to be installed via and/or


On 29 January 2015 at 08:02, Dominic Evans <> wrote:
>> On 29 Jan 2015, at 04:00, Alan Conway <> wrote:
>> The apache CI builds say I broke the proton build
>> So of course I want to fix it. However the build output shows it never
>> even gets to running the tests. It looks like there is a configuration
>> problem at the build server. Anyone know how to fix this?
> Looks like ubuntu-1 doesn't have swig installed. Not sure why the console
> log was truncated after reporting Python location though. Short term we
> should add that machine to the build config blacklist, long term we request
> swig is installed on it

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