Hi Everyone,

Here's a quick respin of 0.9-rc-3. The only changes from rc-2 are exactly
those two mentioned on the rc-2 vote thread. I've included them at the end
for reference. You can find the source artifacts in the usual location:


Java binaries are here:


Please check it out and register your vote:

[   ] Yes, release Proton 0.9-rc-3 as 0.9 final
[   ] No, because ...



commit 810088b14dedcd12a9474687ba9cd05fc8297188
Author: Dominic Evans <dominic.ev...@uk.ibm.com>
Date:   Mon Mar 16 12:18:20 2015 +0000

    PROTON-834: further UTF-8 encoder fixes

    After commit c65e897 it turned out there were still some issues with
    strings containing a codepoint >0xDBFF which was being incorrectly
    treated as a surrogate pair in the calculateUTF8Length method.

    Fixed this up and added some more test coverage.

    Closes #13

    (cherry picked from commit 7b9b516d445ab9e86a0313709c77218d901435b1)

commit c2042d7d26c4383047dac2709d1a2effe0b11419
Author: Alan Conway <acon...@redhat.com>
Date:   Mon Mar 16 09:51:28 2015 -0400

    PROTON-839: Proton 0.9 RC 2 blocker -

    Fix to reactor.py, check for lack of SSL domain.

    (cherry picked from commit e31df015a79d791e62caf9bef3f29bdfd77042ef)

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