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> Sorry for the cross-post but I didn't get any hits on the user list and I
> now
> think this could be a bug.
> I think I am seeing a race condition with Messenger on Android only:
> When I do the typical put/send sequence in a Thread started from an Android
> Activity, the message is not received by a subscribed peer.  If I kill the
> Activity, the peer will complain that the connection is broken.  So it
> seems that the connection is being made but the data is not sent.  Here is
> an example code snippet:
>     Messenger messenger = Messenger.Factory.create();
>     // do other things like create a message
>     messenger.put(msg)
>    // Thread.sleep(200)
>     messenger.send()
> However when  I uncomment the sleep statement above, the message is
> received without any problem.   The message is also received if I attempt
> to debug to see what is happening in put().
> I noticed that put() does not simply add the message to a queue, it also
> uses nio methods to do some encoding of the message.  I'm wondering if
> since it is not blocking, is there some encoding method happening while the
> send() is being processed, causing the message to be lost.
> We also noticed that there is a big CPU usage (up to 40%) spike during the
> put/send process, which seems extreme for just a tcp send.

Hi Adam,

Apologies in advance for the barrage of questions, but  some additional
information would be helpful.

What version of the code are you working with?
Is your thread a long running thread or does it terminate shortly after the
code you have posted?
What exactly is receiving the message at the other end of the connection?
Does a similar thread arrangement reproduce the issue outside of Android,
and if so would it be possible to post a reproducer?



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