On Wed, Apr 29, 2015 at 6:16 AM, Dominic Evans <dominic.ev...@uk.ibm.com>

> -----Robbie Gemmell <robbie.gemm...@gmail.com> wrote: -----
> > There were some changes on master and the branch yesterday, so I have
> > updated the commit lists again. The current categorised list of
> > commits is now at:
> > http://people.apache.org/~robbie/qpid/proton/0.9.1/git-cherry-pass3-c
> > ategorised.txt
> >
> > As before, only the commits at the very bottom have been picked from
> > master to the 0.9.x branch. All the previous commits mentioned in the
> > file have not. If you want anything else included you need to say so,
> > or do so.
> >
> > We are essentially waiting for PROTON-858 at this point, which there
> > still seems to be a lot of discussion going on about. If we cant land
> > it quickly with confidence I'd like to suggest possibly deferring it,
> > as we can always do more releases.
> Thanks Robbie.
> Ongoing, is the plan that we should continue to backport cherry-picked
> bugfix
> commits from master and keep the 0.9.x series going for possible future
> point
> releases?

I think the SASL stuff should stabilize soon, and as that is the major
delta, we could simply do a 0.10 when that happens.


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