I am trying to integrate protom messenger with a regular select-based event 
Regrettably there's not much documentation about reading and sendingn messages
in passive mode using selectros. Can you give a quick look to the pseudo-code,
describing message input in my event loop andverify whether I understand it

Here goess the pseudo-code:

for (;;) {
   foreach messenger:
      messenger::recv(N);                // Make sure message read automata is 
      foreach selectable in messenger:
         if (is_registered(selectable))
            continue;                    // Selectable is already in use by 
event loop
      // Create an I/O object which refers to selectable
      // and add it to the I/O list
         iolist << new IO(selectable)

   foreach iolist item:
      if is_terminal(item):
         Remove item from iolist
      if is_readable:
         add selection fd to read mask
      if is_writable:
         add selection fd to write mask
      if (selection has deadline)
         schedule timer for this iolist item

   select(read_mask, write_mask, timeout)

   foreach iolist item:
      if (read event signalled)
      if (write event signalled)

   If we had any read events check whether some messages
   were placed into input queue. If no messages are available
   pn_messenger_get() will not block, but rather will return

      foreach messenger:
         while pn_messenger_get(messenger, message) != PN_EOS
            Handle input message

   Check whether some timers have expired. If expired timer
   refers to the proton I/O object, delete this object
   (this will also exclude it from iolist and select masks)


All messengers are created in non-blocking and passive mode.

Some of the messengers are already subscribed to queues.

To send messages I just use pn_messenger_put as usual and
pn_selectable_writable takes care about actual message delivery.

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