Hi folks,

Our quarterly report to the board is due by Wed 13th. I have written
an initial draft which you can find below. Let me know if you have any
additions/changes before I submit it on Monday.



Apache Qpid is a project focused on creating software based on the
Advanced Message Queuing Protocol (AMQP), currently providing a
protocol engine library, message brokers written in C++ and Java, a
message router, and client libraries for C++, Java / JMS, .Net,
Python, Perl and Ruby.

# Releases:

- Qpid 0.32 was released on 19th March 2015.
- Qpid JMS client 0.1.0 was released on 19th March 2015.
- Qpid Proton 0.9 was released on 31st March 2015.
- Qpid Dispatch router 0.4 was released on 9th April 2015.
- Qpid Proton 0.9.1 was released on 2nd May 2015.

# Community:

- The main developer and user lists continue to be active.
 -- d...@qpid.apache.org:
    184 subscribers (no change), 1992 emails (1287 previous).
 -- us...@qpid.apache.org:
    360 subscribers (down 1), 557 emails (338 previous).
 -- proton@qpid.apache.org:
    88 subscribers (up 6), 1004 emails (580 previous).

- JIRAs are being raised and addressed.
  277 JIRA tickets were created and 296 resolved in the last 3 months.

- There were no new committers added since the last report.
  The last new committer was Dominic Evans on 12th Dec 2014.

- There were 7 new PMC members added since the last report:
  Alex Rudyy was added on 3rd March 2015
  Dominic Evans was added on 3rd March 2015
  Ken Giusti was added on 3rd March 2015
  Timothy Bish was added on 3rd March 2015
  Pavel Moravec was added on 4th March 2015
  Cliff Jansen was added on 6th March 2015
  Darryl Pierce was added on 6th March 2015

# Development:

- The new AMQP 1.0 JMS client had its first release as mentioned earlier.
  We have been working on improvements and fixes since then and will be
  looking to do a 0.2.0 release imminently.

- Discussions and work to begin preparing for a Qpid Proton 0.10 have
  begun, incorporating some major SASL related changes since 0.9. Work
  also continues on expanding language support for the new Reactor API's
  to Go, C++, Ruby, and Java, some of which may be aimed at the following

- Following the Qpid 0.32 release there was intent to reorganise the
  repository structure to better support releasing the various components
  on their own schedules going forward, as has been the case for newer
  components. The Java broker, earlier clients and associated items have
  been relocated to a new trunk, with further relocations still to come
  for other components.

# Issues:

There are no Board-level issues at this time.

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