I believe where we ended up was standardizing on a single snprintf-style
signature for all encode functions, i.e.:

    // always returns encoded size, never overwrites limit, pass in NULL, 0
to compute size in advance
    // returns < 0 if there was an actual error of some sort, e.g. xxx_t
cannot be validly encoded for some reason
    ssize_t pn_xxx_encode(xxx_t, char *buf, size_t limit);

And transitioning to this with a feature macro.


On Thu, May 7, 2015 at 3:28 PM, Andrew Stitcher <astitc...@redhat.com>

> On Wed, 2015-05-06 at 14:03 -0400, Rafael Schloming wrote:
> > We seem to have reached consensus here, but I haven't seen any commits on
> > this. We should probably fix this before 0.10 so we don't end up putting
> > out a new API and then deprecating it in the next release. Is anyone
> > actually working on this?
> Could you articulate the consensus then.
> Asserting "we have reached consensus" without explicitly stating what
> you think the consensus to be is remarkably likely to be proven wrong by
> subsequent events!
> Andrew

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