On 06/09/2015 06:40 PM, logty wrote:
When I run the client I get:

[0x5351db0]:0 <- @transfer(20) [handle=0, delivery-id=0, delivery-tag=b"",
message-format=0, settled=true, more=true] (16363) "\x00Sp\xc0\x07\x05B..."

My guess would be that it is the delivery tag being null (or empty, can't tell which) that is the problem. From the spec:

    "This field MUST be specified for the first transfer of
    a multi-transfer message and can only be omitted for
    continuation transfers." [section 2.7.5]

So I think that whatever is sending that frame has a bug. Proton-c has a bug too of course, since it shouldn't segfault but should close the connection with a framing-error or similar.

And then the segfault occurs when transfering a 5 MB message, and it is only
coming through as this 16 KB message.

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