No, really - this time I'm serious.

I've resynced with master, fixed up a few minor issues, and pushed to the 
kgiusti-python3 branch:;a=shortlog;h=refs/heads/kgiusti-python3

Thanks go to Flavio for all the help with getting this done and tested.

I'm planning on merging this into master after the weekend unless I hear of any 
show stoppers.



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> Sent: Wednesday, April 29, 2015 4:05:32 PM
> Subject: Python 3 port is 'done'
> Well, done enough to consider merging to master.
> While the patch is quite large, most of the changes are simple syntax changes
> to avoid non-python3 compliant syntax.
> The code is available on the kgiusti-python3 branch at the Apache repo.
> I've also made a patch that can be viewed up on reviewboard:
> I've verified that the unit tests and python examples run under python2.6,
> 2.7, and python3.3.   I'd appreciate if folks would take this patch for a
> spin and report back their experience.
> Known Issues:
> These changes will be incompatible with earlier versions of the python 2.x
> series.  I know for a fact that python versions <= 2.4 won't even parse this
> patch, and I suspect getting such older versions of python to work would
> require lots of effort.   I'm a little unsure of how well python 2.5 will be
> supported - I have yet to test that far back.  I also didn't test anything
> earlier than 3.3 in the python3.x stream.
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